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    Unit 14, 5th Floor , No.34 , Shams Building , Ghasemi Street , Ketabi street , Gheytariyeh street , Tehran
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    Company “Rick Green Goal” (PJS) in 1380 with the aim of production, supply and implementation of new materials in the construction industry was founded and the production of various types of artificial stones inside the country and offer prices of similar goods imported superior to, the possibility of using the whole wider community of goods that are essentially deluxe, providing Johannesburg.
    The company marketed its products under the brand name is Rick. Rick during the years of its activity in the field of artificial gems family, valuable achievements of modern science were brought to the industry. Rick knowledge-based company in the field of their expertise, the technology is unique. Innovation in new products according to market demand, will confirm this.

    Reliance on technical knowledge, the use of advanced machinery and equipment and use high quality raw materials to produce artificial stone products with best quality has made family. Cooperation in this matter expert personnel and their continuing education played an indelible mark on Rick success.

    Our goal is to produce products of high quality and reasonable price, with the vision that our country similar foreign products entering and leaving the national capital to be freed.

    Rick is the first and only producer of this product in the Middle East and the technical expertise and proprietary technology for the production of Grnks. Grnks a procedural Solid Surface (Solid Surface) with a thickness of less than Plygranyt through a balancer connecting layers on a three-layer casting is mdf. Outside of Iran to the underside of compressed chipboard, but Rick according to market research and years of experience, despite higher costs and more difficulty when production Grnks on three mdf layer is installed. The move to honor the Iranian consumer opinion and concerns of our fellow citizens has been the lack of quality and durability chipboard. In addition Grnks another feature that is unique in its kind and it covers the back surface of Solid Surface (Solid Surface), which is exclusively in our country and now Rick is produced in this way.. All of these are far more durable Grnks in the kitchen, home and work guarantee you.

    Grnks In addition to the above mentioned high speed and ease of installation; this increases the utility of this product is.
    Plygranyt installation and Grnks, – the process of turning crude into kitchen surfaces with specific dimensions, tables and other furniture that are made from this material – requires special expertise and technical knowledge and equipment. Rick educational seminars and courses, so companies interested in entering this field and to those who have organized the course and the final exam to pass the course, a certificate is awarded installation.

    If Plygranyt pages and Grnks approved by the installer Rick and comply with all provisions of the insurance policy provided they are installed, are guaranteed by Rick and cooperation with Iran Insurance. It should be noted Rick has given the assurance that the quality of products has made it possible for hobbyists and its use is optional. Insurance requirements in the insurance and read the information about the courses in education.

    Rick all the tools and equipment necessary to install Granks also provides a series called Grnyfyks that Rick provided for installers who want to use crop insurance are required. Read more at Grnyfyks.