Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Details:

Wooden cabinets: wooden cabinet Kitchen cabinets are one of the models that already has many fans. Wooden cabinets kitchen decoration but also as a classic model used. Wooden cabinets have also already taken the next modern classic models with interesting designs laced into the kitchen the day special.
MDF cabinets are usually made of MDF cabinet with melamine colors and wood veneers are used, but in recent years new MDF marketed as a simple one-color and gloss colors, which are called MDF made of fiber glass are known in the course of MDF wood colors are also available.
Letron cabinets: Cabinet Letron the whole body and its door is made of foil. Letron cases in the country are built with Iranian and Turkish plates.
Letron combination of laminated wood boards which the boards of softwood, or shredded waste and sawmill chips are obtained.

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