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Rail ِDetails:

Wooden railings have their own beauty and eye-friendly and friendly nature of the problem and are stroking classical arts
Wooden fences are two different types:

A fence, smooth and just the flow of so-called ((Persian)), ie for 90 ° or the other is connected to a simple railing say.

The second type is called circular or like spring bolt railing (or railing or fencing around the helical or spiral railings or fences arc) say that in case of rotation and flow together, and experts and little ability to carry out Round stairs their beauty.

Sex Wooden fences:

(Wooden fence mostly of Russian and beech woods provided that each has its advantages as briefly described above)

Russian wood (fir):

Wooden light bright yellow pine and cedar trees and conifers that are made against termites and insects due to its resinous materials, and because the Russian side to Iran is known to the name and grade One and two and three there.


This type of wood is very hard and resistant and the color was reddish cream and beech trees in the forests of northern Iran, is more prepared this is very resistance blows against the wood and timber is known to locations equipment Units for Fencing is more.

The other types of wood such as oak, walnut, maple, other types of wood because of the quality needed in material or drying the wood in Iran, but are not used for fences woods like alder and sycamore and hornbeam in cases they have enough quality in construction and saucer base stations are used.

Technical Specification:

Constituent parts of wooden fences:

Saucer (insoles): a piece of wood that is attached to the floor or stairs and placed on the base.

Stand or inlaid wood woodturning as a vertical column and bump Saucer were mainly placed in the middle of each step.

The fences or bump (Handrail): wood that we take it by hand and attached to the base and the station has started and will continue until the end.

Station (King basis): a base larger than the other base with a wooden ball on the first or last take any job and work from station starts

The steps of the wooden fences:

1.Installation of fences round the stairs
Which must be done by an expert carpenter and later moved installed in the same beauty and remain strong in the first round saucer sticking to floor stair and then the base station and end at the bump is installed.

2. Paint fences:

In the first painting done by wood with smooth Szombathely and then they primer and sealer, and the killer blow and a half polyester priming and comes on the fence any color of your favorite mainly due to the color of paint in the colors or colors of traditional walnut and walnut doors are used.