Chipboard Details:

Raw chipboard: particle board made of engineered wood products in wood like chips and sawdust Saw Mill synthetic resin or cement with other appropriate that the press and pressed bot.put Stamping. Obtained after cooling plates and cups to eat usable. Suitable for women melamine laminated, coated and laminated PVC Finish Foil and natural veneer as well as to build wardrobes, etc. Dravrv coating.
Ltrvn: veneered chipboard with melamine foil in the so-called Ltrvn. As the name implies melamine, melamine surface gloss and brightness and glare and with appropriate thickness, along with strength and durability, the majority is to attract customers. It should be noted, melamine makes cutting and working on Ltrvn be a bit more difficult and requires special devices and machines. Ltrvn coated paper, this type of coatings of good quality not only for raw sheet used Ltrvn. Against abrasion and impact resistant, but usually not recommended.

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