Fireproof door

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Fireproof door Details:

Fireproof door is said that 1 to 2 hours can be quite resistant to heat resistant and appropriate to prevent the spread of fire in open spaces. In buildings to provide the opportunity and the time required for individuals to escape from the fire and also to protect structures and building components used in anti-fire doors. The doors in emergency stair landing buildings are installed have a duty to protect the residents at the time of the fire.

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  1. Separate system loads of the building by fire-resistant structures (such as fire-resistant walls
  2. If you need to openings for traffic on the walls is, naturally, the openings must be equipped with fire-resistant doors that show good performance during fire.

Technical Specifications:

resistant sealant to prevent entry of smoke covered, over high heat, does not produce toxic smoke. Internal structure fire doors fireproof rock wool as insulation. Fibre can fire long after the arrival of the fire and smoke to prevent the emergency stairs.
Fire door for the use of the four categories are:
• Emergency exit doors residential towers, office and hotel
• hospital doors
• Doors for the Exchequer and Storage
• Doors for power plants
Fire door:
• wooden fire doors due to ease of manufacture and installation of various sizes within the ordinary wooden doors of many manufacturers is used.
• Glass fire door as standard for residential, commercial and administrative that are apartments in multi-storey and multi-unit can be built on each floor for an emergency door to the escape stairs or safe environment for the design and installation.
Fire door selection guide:
1. The fire resistance in terms of hours and minutes that should not be less than an hour.
2-thickness steel plate work inside the door that should not be less than 1 milimeter.