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Showcase Details:

Make sure you remember wooden dresser that had a window for watching TV, so that the combination of wood and glass windows, changed its name to the buffet. This combination looks more beautiful every day

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Technical Specifications:

1. Making Spain’s modern buffet made of MDF with a natural wood veneer is available in different colors and Jlahay. Polished and painted more than 20% of its price increases. Buffet dining room is beautiful and can take a few small items on it.
2. Showcase Walnut wood floor that you can have your beautiful dishes and Chinese spices in it to show. Each of them between 50 and 100 cm width is variable and depends on your order.
3. Buffet four mirrored console brings peace to your home. It is made of oak and the doors are mirrored. You can adjust it yourself within the classes. And the top of the panel, and a few pots on it.
4. We learned buffet Valentina classic leather shoes throws. Because it is the design shear beauty.
5. Alexandra buffet cabinet together all your dishes and not much room. However, undeniable beauty and classic. You can even use it as a library.
6. modern buffet gives identity to each room. Containers and provides plenty of room for you at the entrance to the room’s attention. You can then select the objects on it to stand out more.

8. Buffet Antique Hindi more than 100 years old and made of wood and all roles that have been carved by hand. At that time in India the bride’s dowry can put into this buffet.
9. buffet console mirrors that of gold ornaments on it four in a three drawer. Because of its golden color and mirrored doors, do not have to fill it. It is enough to attract attention.
10. showcases classic scalloped crown made of wood and consists of two buffets and four floors each have a drawer.
11. Dressers classic style inspired by and based on the customer’s order can be customized in width and length and depth of the design. It is the customer’s choice of colors and designs engraved on it as well.
12. Mini buffet and beautiful with elements of sophistication that is on its doors, it can even without the use of interior space, just to fit beautifully in any room. They are handmade flowers that have a pleasant charm to the buffet and choice of background color to cream flowers have been deliberate.
13. Modern Italian-style buffet, with a geometric design and construction Mrghvbsh is intended for modern homes. Its asymmetrical design was done by Alessio easily and is made in Italy.
14. The old style console that curves and flower tool is the added appeal of its doors as a small dresser or console under the mirror can be used. It is made of oak Peruvian and part of it is lost. The color is also made by hand and six layers is polished.
15. Slides from Klsyvn Jessica McClintock surface is made of stone and has a beautiful luster. Inside it has three floors that can adjust them to your liking.
16. Beautiful Black Gold Buffet made of MDF with a natural wood veneer lacquered color and luster that it has eaten. Its design is consistent with art work behind it and match it around her golden beauty items.