Khuzestan woodturning rooted in life

خراطی خوزستان

Dezful in Khuzestan and the city’s lathes neighborhood that is part of the old market, which is a sign of the presence of a large number of lathes and history of this profession in the neighborhood.

The Public Relations Office of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Khuzestan, one of the traditional handicrafts of wood lathes that have prevailed for centuries in Iran and in areas such as Khuzestan, Sistan-Baluchistan, Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Tehran, Gilan, Isfahan, Mazandaran is common.

The remains of the palace of Darius at Persepolis reliefs show the four basic bed and censer is prepared to woodturning practices. French traveler Chardin also affected Iran woodturning skills and spoken. Professional woodturning art mechanical Iranians have been able to take advantage of it as well.

It is the raw material of woodturning walnut, elm, alder, ash, willow, sycamore, white wood, Prosopis pear, Kykm the fields woodturning course artisans in Dezful kind of wood called “Jgh” used respectively. The primary materials used in manufacturing lathes can be glue, lacquer and varnish cellulosic named.

Also, woodturning art of cutting and shaping wood lathe machine is the result of rotational motion.

notes, select the type of wood-related products, wood cut by the band saw and grate as needed, close to the cut wood lathes, round and called it in half Make it complete unfinished work by sanding and polishing the outer part of the production process in Kylrkary and marketing workshops are lathes.

It is worth mentioning the art of woodturning Dezful Abdul humble because of the quality of work, UNESCO has received the stamp of authenticity. UNESCO and the Association seal of authenticity to the symbol and sign of that is the development and promotion of handicrafts was founded in 2000 for the first time.

Abdul humble artisan highlighted fields woodturning woodturning pointed out that more than 400 years in Dezful Dezful and cities is one of the jobs that meet the needs of the people said that old and had a woodturning products manufacturing These jobs include scooter, rolling pin, Masher, hangers, table, arrows (flatten the dough for bread Thierry), ax handles, Chvgth, handle hammer and parts of machine knitting and mat weaving is lame.

He added: woodturning with wood is possible, so that the color and hardness of the wood to be used for multiple tasks. But most of the wood that they use Khrathay Dezful Dezful and suburbs can be found in the area, as well as, Jgh, orange, apricot, Klyptvs, sycamore, mulberry, Kvyrh, Hindi silk and wood, willow and use.

The part of woodturning works of decorative and applied aspects such as functionality, in addition to a variety of bowls and drinking chocolate, Qndan, vases, some of which, such as the pulpit of mosques and religious site, the wooden and Shydanh enshrine the religious aspect.