Thermo Wood

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Thermo Wood Details:

Wood resistance to change in different conditions of humidity, thermal insulation properties, resistance to corrosion and weathering as well as reduce deformation caused by moisture and create new colors and looks like wood from tropical regions of benefits are Thermo Wood.

Thermo Wood due to the current process in which they have special characteristics that make them become the best option for the building’s exterior and interior.

TehranFahimi Wood


  1. Wood resistance to change in different aspects of water
  2. thermal insulation
  3. Resistance to corrosion and weathering
  4. Reducing deformation caused by moisture

Technical Specifications:

Thermo wood has 2 standard method Thermo-S and Thermo-D is produced. The letter S in the Thermo-S stands for Stability or sustainability. Products in this way, between 6 to 8 percent, depending on the ambient humidity, will change the size or inflation. Acupuncture these products for use in other species inside the building, fitting in a dry environment, furniture, bath, window and door components and broad-leaved species for fitting in any weather, furniture, flooring, saunas and garden furniture Recommended are.
‘D’ in Thermo-D stands for Durability or durability. Products in this way, between 5 and 6 percent depending on the humidity will change the size or inflation. Needle types of products for use in facades and walls, exterior doors, windows, saunas and baths, flooring and garden furniture and hardwood species for all similar applications Type S with darker colors are recommended .

Thermo Wood process can be divided into three main phases:
Phase 1: rising temperatures and drying at high temperatures
Using heat and steam, furnace temperature rapidly increased to reach 100 ° C. Then heat the excess balance is to reach the 130 ° C. During this time, the drying occurs at high temperature and moisture content of the wood is reduced almost to zero.
Phase 2: Thermo Wood
When drying at high temperatures occurred inside the furnace temperature rises to a certain amount. When the temperature reached the target level depending on the application and end-use for a specified period is held constant.
Phase 3: Chill out and set humidity
The final step is to reduce heat using water spray systems. When the temperature reaches a certain level, this happens to the moisture content of wood to reach the level of use of 7.4%.