Floor Covering

Floor Covering Details:

Parquet: Although many new products come to market, but because of the beauty and durability of parquet that has more to consumers. Parquet made of HDF is a compressed MDF is. Parquet flooring is more expensive than other types but mostly they use special beauty and durability. Installing parquet floor more comfortable than other coatings and thickness and mechanical strength is also better.
Hospital Flooring: Flooring hospital special specifications such as: anti-bacterial, acoustic, and high resistance to detergents and disinfectants is outstanding. Hospital floors, from any of the solvents and thinners not use nonreactive oriented and this will cause the polymer structure to remain stable after the reaction. Due to its outstanding properties of mechanical, chemical, thermal and electrical products, the best choice for coating industrial levels, in addition to considering the possibility of implementing integrated, seamless coating and anti-microbial properties, could be the most suitable coverage used health.
Sports Flooring: Flooring frustration Sports optimal safety factor gym floor is capable of. Closed cell structure of the flooring, thereby reducing the sound level is excellent. Sports flooring enhances the performance of athletes without any slip feet on the ground.
PVC Flooring: Flooring PVC (PVC) is similar Parquet and laminate flooring differ much together not only in the protective layer of glass is drawn counter-part. PVC flooring (PVC) reasonable price and speed of execution is very high. The use of this type of flooring for home and office centers are the same. Being waterproof and washable, Durable including unique features of this type of flooring.

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