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Interior Door Details:

Specifications Interior doors
Interior doors used in buildings are divided into several categories, each performance and at the same time having its own beauty. In continuing to pay a brief description of them:
Types of interior doors:
1. HDF doors
2. MDF doors
4. ABS Doors
5. PVC Doors
6. Wooden door
Technical Specifications Interior doors
1. HDF MDF (HDF): The doors, which stands for (HIGH DENSITY FIBER) are considered to be one of the most popular in the field of interior doors and also in terms of color and of higher quality are coloring system.
2. MDF doors (MDF): The doors, which stands for (MEDIUM DENSITY FIBER) are more likely to be used instead of interior doors used in entrance doors of buildings. Because costs are higher than HDF doors for interior doors and interior manufacturers use less of the type of doors HDF doors to more efficient use of see.
HP 3-door L (HPL): The doors actually etched doors MDF (HDF) with melamine are less expensive than the other two models are listed above. For doors Doors HP monitors (HPL) due to melamine do not need to be painted, and therefore color premium above the door that there were two models of the type of doors will be deducted. Due to the high-speed mass production in projects that need to be achieved in the shortest possible time delivery doors HPL doors are most commonly used. It should also be noted that the advantage of making this type of lower-cost and high-speed doors are also disadvantages that can not be overlooked. One of the drawbacks of this type of major low quality doors HDF doors and door than MDF (MDF) and more. HPL doors usually have good durability and after a while their owner is in trouble.
4. butadiene styrene (ABS): ABS or in other words, watertight doors of products that have found wide use today. Watertight doors, as the name implies, high resistance against water and moisture, and in most cases the buildings are used for bathroom doors. The watertight doors because of the procedures that are pressing on wooden drums and prevents water and moisture into the building through the door. ABS coil around procedure doors which can be pressed and otherwise vulnerable against water and moisture can be covered with liquid resin called up to the door of every comment is insulation. But the benefits of these doors is the most important of them being time-consuming construction defects also can be named.
5. Doors PVC (PVC): this type of products that are used for interior doors the doors etched MDF (HDF) and MDF doors (MDF) are coated with PVC. PVC coating can be resistant to moisture and water, he can expect a team who seek derby resistant to moisture and are looking to meet beautiful doors .throws.
6. wooden doors: doors all the wood that the door is made of wood and there is no empty space in the door or the door is solid wood door. When the door should pay attention to insulation. When anti-combustion wooden doors should have anti-theft door wooden door. Once the door due to consider.

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