Safe Door

Safe Door Details:

Due to the appearance of anti-theft door anti-theft door on the market can be grouped as follows:
1. Anti-theft doors Made in China
2. Anti-theft doors Manufacturing Turkey
3. Anti-theft doors Iranian
Iranian anti-theft door looks quite similar to anti-theft doors are left.import and domestic production of some use.
Locks and fittings that are used in these doors are very different with conventional doors and a safe, which means that the lock to connect two or three entrance doors to the terms of use.
Leave Stain: Stain Turkey against unpredictable disasters such as earthquakes, fires, too strong, and in addition to protect your home from burglars entry, because of the rock wool are fire resistant. In addition, the injection of special material in the middle layer of the gate strong network is created by strengthening their anti-cutting, anti-drill, anti-acid, anti-moisture out.
Chinese anti-theft door: Chinese anti-theft door production should be used to fit the different characteristics cases where the thieves opportunity to make some noise to degrade their door.

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