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    BaniHashem Street , Tehran

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    Company Karno Avaran Rata exclusive representative in Iran Kronospan

    Since the early Kronospan activities 19th century AD (1897) as one of the leading sawmills in Austria to ABN Amro then that Kronospan transnational company, with more than eleven thousand employees and 33 factories in 24 countries around the world

    is not always possible.

    List of factories Kronospan:

    Austria (Head Office) – Spain – Slovakia – England -Spanish – Italy – United States of America – Germany – Belarus -Bulgaria- Czech Republic – Serbia – Romania – Russia – Cyprus – Croatia – Latvia – Poland – Luxembourg – Lithuania – Hungary – Greece

    our products :


    Chipboard sheets: the most desirable raw chipboard and colored sheets around the world Kronospan produced by the leading Bulgarian companies in this field.

    She sheets USB: This sheet of thin layers of wood strands and provides worldwide engineering of the wood in the building industry is. Most major manufacturers of this product include: Romania and Turkey.

    Luxury sheets: Skin that has high quality (DENSITY) is adjustable variety of colors and contours of a set of companies is Kronospan. This product is available in a very affordable price compared to the more luxurious.

    Kronospan and world ranking in 2014

    Kronospan companies in more than 90 countries and provides services to more than seven thousand customers.