Wooden Wall-laminate

Wooden Wall Laminate, Wooden, Wall Laminate

Wooden Wall-Laminate Details:

Wooden Wall-laminate and decorations covering the walls and ceiling interior spaces such as walls and ceilings of residential space, commercial buildings, apartments, restaurants, subways, airports, stores, hotels, sports facilities used.
The history of the use of wood in building interior and exterior of houses dating back to the early construction of cottages and houses, then wood, and today the main building materials are wood house used to aesthetization and develop a sense nature. Coverings features all wood can be resistant to heat and impact sound insulation and noted that this cover to install basic infrastructure Ndard.az the natural wood that are used in Interior Design and Decoration, the be pear wood, walnut, cherry, Mahguni , ebony, bamboo and Russian noted.

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  1. The level of anti-wear
  2. Lightweight
  3. Type of Colors

Technical Specifications:

Wooden wall-laminate, warm and sweet, reflecting lower volume and in terms of colors and designs can also coordinator of tissue, filling the space. If the walls of sauna, log, recording studios, cabin service and outdoor protection and any design that somehow involve the proximity with its philosophy of nature, consider the role of warmth, insulation, dry-Friendly and this material is well characterized. Access to wood and wood materials for employers and designers always not easy. For this reason, new teeth and using technology, professional marketing materials released by the appearance of wood, the limits and shortcomings of wood, such as corrosion, cracking, regular use of resin, polished and do not have needs users.

To achieve the visual effect of wood in residential areas and small measurable, instead of using laminated wood panels and color effects can be used on floors and walls. To do this you can use the tools that are technically Brush Wood, wood engravings and color tone desired by the transfer of parts of the interior with a different design and a tattoo Harvesters wood or wooden parts decorated. To create this effect on a wall, you should like working with natural wood, a height of about 100 to 120 cm from the floor to mark the means to color arbitrary color family brown to green and purple stained-glass windows, and a timber vertical side check each other on the wall to create a visual cue stick on the wall. It can be at the entrance of the residential areas, villas, children’s rooms and corridors used. It also uses natural wood, bark, bamboo and straw are put together using glue and rope or other decorative materials, can create the effect of natural and pristine home decoration.

The use of materials such as wood and Chu effects of trade with non-synthetic and acrylic coatings are able to roles such as MDF and UPVC and timber that are reminiscent of nature, a pleasant heat to the walls of banks, hairdressers tens, tens Stadiums, entertainment venues and all public spaces Brings. If the walls Peru rooms in boutiques and stores large dairy wood, and to furnish it installed mirror and good lighting above the mirror, do you have a tremendous impact on the customer.