Wooden blinds

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Wooden blinds Dteails:

Wooden blinds are one of the most beautiful curtains. Wooden blinds are made of completely natural wood and natural beauty of wood and his role on the shutters processes makes it different than other curtains were. The angular momentum of light set of curtains with shutters and vertical movement (up and down) is performed. Light setting can be done manually or motorized.



Durability and long life.

Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Quick and easy installation.

A variety of designs and colors.

Has the possibility to adjust the angle of the blade and thus control visibility.

Consistent with the decor and wooden furniture.

Has the ability to control visibility.

Possibility of installation of electric remote control.

Allows adjustment of the light from 10 to 95 per cent.


, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops and cottages is.

Technical Specification:

One of the reasons welcoming wooden blinds by designers Architects and Interior Decoration, consistent wooden curtains with wooden furniture and decorations . In reason the raw materials making wooden curtains, natural wood, warm and pleasant environment and the effects of energy and will drive you to feel more relaxed. Wooden blinds allows you to view your surrounding environment as best as possible to be decorated.

Wooden shutters in two sizes 25 and 50 mm a thickness of 2.5 mm produced mm Bourne use of automatic machinery and advanced technology without the complexity and curvature of the wooden shutters. Tape and rope curtains from a combination of polyester rayon and cotton provided that the use of any complexity and will not deform.

Wooden curtains control is possible in 2 ways:

1. Manual mode

2-state motor with remote control