Walnut Wood

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Walnut Wood

Primarily in the advanced industrial world to veneer walnut and viewing of buildings, interior decoration, wood chips on the board, procedures valuable furniture, coat room rail cars and cars and so forth is used of walnut . Another major use of walnut wood for parquet walnut is very common in Europe and Iran.

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Physical, mechanical and technological quality Walnut wood grade excellent .Altogether has the right to work with wooden taoh medium softness and yet very durable and resistant. More dining, dining, grate saw piggy piggy Polish, polishing and polishing, vibration, glue the flexibility, resistance, resistance against the fuzz and separating the fibers in water and moisture and so on is ideal. More dining and stud bolt Stud bolt maintenance maintenance, dining andit is also good. The browse functionality it is excellent, and the overlay method for pipe cutting, stamping and cutting method with a saw is excellent. It can be very thin and delicate veneer thickness mm 3.1 preparation of even that is possible for this attribute less wooden.
Specific gravity of wood in Walnut (wood within it) is about 60% to 0.75 and g per cubic centimeters, which is moderate in different parts of the world and of industrial advanced to the first grade of Walnut wood in order to overlay and the facade (with a turning technique) to work.
Walnut veneer for the recap and the facade in interior decoration of buildings, making the procedures of Board surface table, wood chips and chipboard, the surface of the Board set (lameleh Board), surface the shelves and cabinets, and buffet, the procedures are very valuable furniture, curtains, recap for room’s cars and railway wagon, laminate kind of wooden profile and so on goes to work.
Sometimes there are lumps on Walnut wood and the small and large knots of small nodes there that comes to the term brosen yalp is called and the Visual Arts to bring the beautiful great value in decorative industries are wood and decorations. This part of the Walnut wood is so valuable that it is even as pound is buying and selling.

Also Sometimes to get the Visual arts market is a beautiful and friendly, nut necklace to form a cone (the same pencil shaving) cutting and veneer construction procedures for the application of the round table and so they get. For parquet Mosaic (or tile) of it used to be.


  1. Saws feature fresh, grated fresh, polishing quality, and high polish, vibration, high adhesive
  2. Resistance to abrasion, moisture, fuzz and fiber separation in water