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One of the appliances in the kitchen is essential. The most important task of pulling odors, smoke and steam that rises during cooking. In other words, the hood with the gas, moisture and fat suspended in the air out of the house takes and the amount of moisture can look at fairly stable; there. At the same time, fat and moisture sits on the ceiling and walls not clean and the kitchen for longer stays. If you have not installed in the kitchen hood or ventilation devices, high humidity conditions for the growth of bacteria, fungi and molds provided and endangers the health of family members.


Technical Specifications:

Hood type

There are two types of hoods available in the market. Air Purifiers with air outlet hoods and hoods, hoods purifiers, dust and smell of smoke and particulate matter into the air as far as possible from the Zdaynd and again filtered air into the kitchen the day after. Exhaust kitchen hoods that are connected to a channel that dust, grease and odors through it. It sent out in the form of conventional hoods, fireplace and island are available. Kitchen hood can be divided into five categories will appear. 1) under-cabinet hoods 2) cooker hoods Fireplaces 3) cooker hoods fireplace diagonal 4) cooker hoods hidden 5) cooker hoods Island

Equipment and components Hood

Filters: All hoods are a lot of fat and dust filter that can be absorbed into the ventilation channel. If for any reason you are not possible to install ventilation, use of charcoal filters. This type of dust filter and to better absorb fat and, although not as effective ventilation hoods has, however, resulted in cleaner air in the kitchen metallic Shvnd.fyltrhay have a lot of life and if with the charcoal filter, they can be very useful. Filters absorb fat just fat and charcoal filters absorb odors but alone they are not very efficient.

Fixtures: Almost all hoods equipped with halogen lamps, which helps you to better see the stove and meal.

Sensor: Some hoods are equipped with sensors that allow power to be coordinated suction hood with the amount of pollution in the air.

Key regulator engine speed: hoods with three power the engine speed according to the speed that the air pollution. For suction power to test a hood, just a piece of paper or a piece of yarn under it.

Suitable locations for installation

The best place to install a hood above the stove and is at a distance of 40 to 60 cm. That’s why it seems a new generation of more efficient conventional hoods and island hoods have fireplaces.