Uraman Decor

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    Mr. Mashayekhi

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    Farabi street , Tabriz

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    Uraman Décor is an oldest Company that they imported foreign Some of the products that are imported foreign products in Iran.from different countries this collection include: interior decoration products including laminated parquet flooring and wallpaper.
    Parquet German egger
    Has outstanding natural surface
    Abrasion resistance AC4 / 32 – AC3 / 31
    Has a thickness of 8 mm
    Made in Germany and Europe and has 20 colors CE standard and customer-friendly.
    Safety triple laminate flooring EGGER:
    Health – Easy to clean and maintain
    Impact Resistant
    Durable – the super strong
    Parquet benefits introduced by Egger
    Parquet egger durable
    Parquet egger has high resistance to impact
    Parquet egger resistant to UV rays
    When egger parquet floor heating system Carcinogenic
    egger has parquet and laminate underlay is curvy
    Parquet egger has recyclable and eco-friendly raw materials