Turkey Security Door

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Turkey Security Door Details:

Usually Turkey Security Door has a strong steel structure consists of two layers with a thickness of one millimeter cold-rolled steel cladding with natural wood with a layer of poly urethane color and design are central. Security Door context Turkey have already been made and the sheets with a thickness of one and a half millimeters and a width of seven centimeters, with a base made of stainless steel is resistant to corrosion.

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SalmasSahand Door77657613-4
KhoyArarat Door77657613-4
TehranEskan Door 77657613-4


  1. Super durable than conventional doors
  2. Non-leverage off
  3. A rubber string around the door to prevent entry of dust and moisture and lack of energy will be a considerable help.

Technical Specifications:

Sound insulation, heat insulation and fire-resistant up to 4 hours at temperatures up to 800 ° C, resistance to cutting and pressure, heat, cold, heat and humidity and maximum resistance to color polyester Among the most important advantages Stain Turkey are convinced that every customer who buys one of them. In addition, the injection of special materials in the middle layer of the gate strong network is created by strengthening the anti-cutting, anti-drill, anti-acid, anti-moisture out.