Tirana Co. (Tabriz Office)

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    Mr. Koohkamari

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    Keshavarzi alley , Mayan Road , Tabriz

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    www.tiranaco.ir / www.tirana.com.tr
  • Resume:

    Tirana company structures Corp established in Tehran in 1387 and the building industry, import and supply of wood products for construction, with the two companies Teverpan exclusive representative in Turkey Teverpan ,Floorlam offering the highest quality and the finest products (including parquet (Parquet), MDF, HTML MDF HDF) through the offices of Tehran, Istanbul, Tabriz and Jolfa warehouse in the country (ies).

  • Advantages:

    Parquet FloorLam known in the world and has one of the highest quality laminate unique advantages of technology AC4 quality is guaranteed by fifteen years (that access to complete and accurate technical information via the website, newsletters and brochures of the company possible is) Teverpan products Teverpan exclusively by Tirana and by representative offices and sales agencies across the country is that of MDF Teverpan of colors and designs and are very high for professional designers and decorations to create works to create a distinctive and innovative.
    It also should be noted that engineers and designers Teverpan at 6 months with a review of previous designs and tastes of the day and architectural decoration industry to provide a variety of new projects which improve the quality and variety of products are the result.