Sport flooring

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Sport flooring details:

Sports flooring surface layer of polyurethane coating leads to very high resistance against dirt and dust are. The inner layer of woven fiberglass sports flooring. Foam lining on the back so it would be very high resistance to impact. Sports flooring gym floor has a safety factor of frustration is optimized. Closed cell structure of the flooring, reducing the noise level is very high. Sports flooring enhances the performance of athletes without any slip feet into the ground.



  1. Low combustion factor
  2. Economic justification
  3. High resistance coefficient
  4. Insecticide
  5. Soundproof
  6. One hundred percent moisture
  7. Clear Easy
  8. Easy to install
  9. Heat Insulation
  10. Water Resistant

Technical specification:

Classification flooring in the hall
A – Part of services such as changing rooms, showers, towels and maintenance of health room to be used against moisture and water more than mosaic.
(B) administrative offices, corridors, etc., which are mainly special flooring, mosaics or other similar items used
C-gyms that of solid wood, plastic or rubber used hall depends on the type of activity, such as gymnastics halls, dance floors, should also allow proper functioning, permission slip to take also in other venues like basketball, floor must be non-slip.
Category Indoor sports floors
In a division, they can be based on the shape of elasticity, category reinvigorated generally two types of elasticity spot (focused) and regional (wide) that with their combination, there are four types of flooring comes
A sports flooring elasticity or wide area: the spring on a large scale, there is resistance to twisting deformation.
(B) synthetic sports flooring composition of the reaction point and wide, so that the distribution of burdens on the floor, the field is wide control.
(C) sports flooring mixed: with the maintenance and strengthening of spring and soft. Deformation control area is limited but is load-bearing areas.
(D) sports flooring elasticity point: the soft springy deformation with limited scope for the purpose of concentrated load, is designed.
Sports flooring with elasticity point, mostly to heavy exercise on the ground with fixed devices used. Sports flooring with rebound or a wide area, more chance to find applicants. This floor can be used in many projects. The feature sports flooring, has high durability and lifetime while maintenance easier In addition to its other types, can be used for various purposes, including cultural and social event.