Sofa bed

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Sofa bed details:

Sofa fabric sofa all, which means that all parts of furniture is covered in fabric and it did not long wooden handle and base. There are a variety of different qualities sofa and makes the need to spend more time on the couch to the issue.

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  1. Today, because of the small L-shaped sofa, a large fan Kzdh is home. Because the house is arranged so that the hall is not so furniture is the biggest advantage
  2. Sofa is also used to lie down for bed are of course some models.
  3. Sofa L. certain beauty to a good home and other home decor items the rest is based on a couch monitors can be provided.

Technical specifications:

Lounge of design and appearance of the variety known as Sport, L, modern, round and split based on the decor, atmosphere, and instead of coming home is selected.
Al-comforts such as suitable for larger spaces, modern comforts or less space is smaller, glitter and other live support, and …
* Be sure that you’re on your couch consider time to be prolonged, fatigue or physical harm to the body is not.
* Sit on the sofa to measure the dive in the spine angle during sit back and … it does not hurt. Sofa should not endanger your health or later stimulates the skeleton, back pain and so on.
Buy it must be made in procedures such as textiles, leather, linen, wool and wood or metal. If procedural accuracy, coils or frame sofas, mattresses and backrest are washed, the trouble then you were comfortable.
_ Procedures shampoo linen sofas, leather couches steam without detergent, couches Nanvsrtks against liquid penetration resistance and drag wet cloth and …
Sewing-check it, the components should be tightly sewn procedures that are not open then. The strength of the coil and get more attention. Note the distance and the strength of the springs so that after a while the mattress or sofa seat not press, not tear them from the brushed.
* Note to the size and alignment of the base when buying.
Right-sofa should have sharp edges or protruding bases. Such bases usually hit their feet when traveling, especially in smaller spaces due to damage to the toes.
] If your fingers to the judgment in buying your sofa, three fingers to the quality, strength and health standards, a finger and a finger in beauty and plan to assign a price. If the wood used in its design, made of walnut premium, stronger and lighter.