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One of the very useful equipment in every kitchen sinks. If you want to buy sinks for your kitchen, the following article will guide you in that direction .synk sinks can be in terms of gender, design, operation and installation review a.
First of all, the number of hip of a sink that should be according to the needs and the space that you have is different.

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Technical Specifications :

1) being shiny or matte,
Metal sinks is one of the features that each have their own characteristics. For example, less glossy models show water stains and are easily cleaned. Simple or scratch of another of the choices you have when buying sinks. Unlike other models models scratch-resistant surface are polished, full of tiny seeds. This feature prevents scratches the surface of the sink. Of course, price is the higher-end models.
2) washing sinks usually a Tkhand
Except for the Rahabrv, cutting others do not. This makes the possibility of water leakage is reduced as much as possible. But to ensure that more is better after purchase, once bathtubs full of water and then empty the openness of Rahabrvha sure. To avoid such problems, should take great care in its installation. Sinks so-called “Plastic” is usually attached with metal tape or adhesives aquarium cabinets. Over time, if the sides Sybbbynd sink, water penetration and trouble the bottom cabinets. For this reason, many believe that it is better sinks “You work” so that this problem does not exist.
3) all standard sinks,
Additional components, including cutting boards for food, Caps for Rahabrv, a large-sized openings sink drain and one or two small drain that must be given to you when buying goods.
4) What might sink to its lowest careful when purchasing one,
The slope and the passage of water in the sink bowl. Ordinary sinks usually have a smooth surface with no slope, but if your kitchen even a little slope? Is significant and ironically the slope in the opposite direction of the water to get into the water, then you have serious problems, because you’re always a little water in a bowl sink stands and over time cause fouling and white lines on metal. So it is better to buy Synkhayy the steep path at the bottom of the ditch is designed for drooling.
5) As a point of information sink fittings and pipes.
In the past, it was more fitting metal rang over time or due to the cold and the heat, took leave. But today it is used for producing plastic pipe; not ring, flexible and very light. The price of the metal is less expensive and considering all these aspects, a lot of sales. If you let the Rahabrvha cover and be careful not to Thmandh food and oil into the tubing, the fittings have years of life.
6) And finally, sounding when you wash dishes with bowl sink is produced as a result of the collision.
Sinks with special pads for Khfyftrkrdn are some of the noise. In this type of sink, sink bowl, spray the underside of the special anti-reflection and prevent the sound of the containers. Also in this type of sink, hot water temperature is normally in the sink later.