Shade Blinds

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Shade Blinds Details:

Shade screens to adjust the light and darken the room is used.
Blinds Shade – Shade Blind – the above types of curtains or above, which is collapsible for simple kinds of colors and patterned, the ability to run as a foam, fringe and Jacquard and also with a variety of motor mechanisms retractable quick and very little space by curtains (in the window), the blinds quickly in commercial premises, hotels, Restaurants , hospitals, shops, bus, plane and train curtains and residential and attention and have been used.



Capable of printing images and create custom design

Technical Specification:

Shade screens depending on the application, size, sex and different mechanisms for the production are:

● Shade curtains stained: this type of screen is usually pvc Shade and poster designs are produced. The curtains were installed easily print your logo and company logos or images on their personal preference and price are good.

● Shade curtains simple: The screens are generally used to adjust the ambient light transparent, translucent and opaque in thickness and colors are produced and presented.

Driving mechanism of screen-roll Instant Shade:

● Shade curtains common mechanism (Chain Operated Roller Blind) which controls the left or right of a chain curtain (as requested by the customer) is formed and can be used to manually adjust the screen height.

● spring mechanism (Spring Operated Roller Blind) which can be set at any point and height. With the release of the above will be curtain curtains automatically.

● spring mechanism controlled (Slow rise spring roller blind): Shade curtains spring mechanism is similar, except that in the backlog, operation of blinds roll smoothly and slowly takes place and it makes ideal safety the child’s room.

● mechanical-electrical or Motorised Roller Blind which the keys can be mounted on a wall or remote control screen height (or curtains) to the desired setting.

Roller blinds or top of the many years that are used to set the light and dark room. Fabrics transparent, semi-transparent and opaque, each comforting environment to provide work and daily life. This type of blinds are easy to use and do not require special maintenance and are reasonable in comparison with other Blinds

Pull the film

– Roller Haqabl are presented in different states.

– Chain Chain Operation with the ability to take control of the left or right

– Spring Spring Mechanism adjustable in height and size

– Speed Down Spring Mechanism with spring-hydraulic retractable slowly

– Motorized electrically adjustable with a remote switch or remote control.

Uses :

– Window homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and Habymarstan.

– Calm and Lvgvynmahay glass window capable of printing shops.

– Partition between hospital beds wardrobe door, open kitchen,

– Screen projector for culture and film centers

– Curtains bus and urban train