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While new hypotheses, Archimedes screw (a pump to transfer water in the form of screw) to Sennacherib or Snnashryb (745-681 BC), king of Assyria ratio, the results of archaeological and visual evidence only in the Hellenistic period 1 appearance and routine reviews of the invention focuses on Greece and probably the third century BC and is by Archimedes. Although the documentation is like a screw, but not in the usual sense of the word a twist. Screw later was described by Greek mathematician Rshytas Tarentum (350-428 BC). By the first century BC, wooden screws generally in the Mediterranean for industries such as oil and wine making were used. Metal bolts as a means to close the connection because of the rarity less used in Europe before the 15th century. Raybnsky two screws rotating notes that existed in the Middle Ages, though probably not until 1800, with numerous applications. Type of connection (such as nails and thorns, fastening and Tabs ….) With its various forms, until the screws rotate further expansion in carpentry and blacksmithing have applied to industrial machines. Also before the mid-19th century, Chfthayy with thorns and rivets were used in shipbuilding. Metal screws until the machine tool for mass production by the end of the 18th century had not spread, as the public had not closed the application. The progress in the 1760s and in 1770 by two separate incidents that quickly ate together, flourished. The first event, mass produced wood screws (ie screws for mounting wood) for the specialized, single-purpose and high-capacity and low-cost manufacturing machines and other hardware production in various models (according to the daily needs of industrial machines) were.
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The first happen by White Brothers (Zhab and William) occurred in Stafford shire Great Britain. A device in 1760 that today we may know it as the initial machine screw, patented. The device was used to transform appropriate screws and bolts, weed the groove by a rotating graters, when the core was cut resided. But the 1776 White brothers managed to not screw up the factory. But the new owner of a failed trade to flourish. In 1780, 16,000 Screw them on a daily basis only by 30 workers, were produced. A high output of industrial production with modern production known today but was revolutionary in its time. In 1777 English instrument maker Jesse Ramzdrn are working to solve the problem of cutting the screw, turning the screw successfully invented the first machine. English engineer named Henry Madslay (1831-1771) by turning the screw device development in the years (1800-1797) rose to fame that includes three basic components of the lead screw, the section cutting and sprocket gear system, all appropriately for industrial machinery were used. Between the White Brothers and Ramzdrn he invented a kind of integrity that were used for the production of wood screws provided. The notion that James had invented Nasmys what the public has Madslay wrong. Although its popularity has helped his turning device.
These developments between 1800-1760 by the brothers White and Madeline topic of discussion among the big industrialists due to a significant increase became screw connections. Unifying forms Screw began almost immediately but could not be completed quickly. Next improvements for mass production in the 19th century continued to decline in the prices of these bolts. As with the development of machines turning automatic screw machines in 1840 and in 1870 significantly reduced the cost of production of screw connections by automatic production machines. Throughout the 19th century the most common forms of coupling (model sharp corners) slotted screws, square and hexagonal respectively. These models also use shaving comfortable and had enough. Canadian Robertson in 1908, was the first to Eleni screw with the correct design and actual performance with cold metal forming the right size instead of being cut off with scissors or be produced in unwanted places (with dimensions and angles sharper and thinner) that he was easily beaten but accurate. Hexagon Screws was produced in 1911. In early 1930 the estuary head screws (Phillips-head) was invented by Henry Philip. ISO standard screw production in late 1940, was designed to improve the forms of manufacture.but both simple and angled (conical) are most commonly used.
Screws compared with a coin 25 to $ rocky America (diameter 24 mm).
History Page and nuts in Iran
Building hardware in Iran’s history dates back to the nuts and bolts on Iran is nearly a century, but since 1320 has been recognized. Among the founders of the Guild of bolts and nuts in Iran may be noted that Mr. Abdolfattah Etesami ratio by renowned poetess Mrs. Parvin Iran and nearly 70 years ago in the classroom or with very great service also left behind . In 1333, the first production machine bolts and nuts by a guy named gentlemen! Enter Iran. At that time, bolts and rivets was produced for a referendum and there was this quality that is now on the market. Before the formation of the union of the nuts and bolts, fittings and tools together to form a homogeneous class worked until 1351 with the formation of the union tools, bolt and nut on the tool Union was set.have an important role.
its inches, ANSI standard English is JIS. Since the system of bolts in our country and now is based on European standards, DIN German design based on hardware specifications and maps should be used.
Bolt types
Hexagon Screws included Screws Grade 8.8 Grade 10.9-dry -Fvlady 8.8-rigid steel screws HV- 10.9-standard steel Steel A490- din 6914-din 933-stainless-steel din 931-steel hexagon-hexagon 8.8 10.9-screw stainless steel pipe stainless-steel hexagon HV 10-hexagon-hexagon wrench locked-ferrous-metal-bolts, hardware rental-grade standard 5.6-stainless steel A 304-standard A 325-standard A470 professor of professors bolt bolt bolt grade teacher B7- B7M- Grid Grid 8.8-Master bolt grade 10.9-BOLTS BOLTS BOLTS B6- Grid Grid Grid B8- B5- BOLTS BOLTS BOLTS L7M- Grid standard A193- professor din2510 bolt Allen, including Allen Allen screws din 912-din 913-Allen din 916-8.8-Allen Allen Grid Grid Grid 12.9 10.9-Allen Allen Allen-head star-square-bolt Hexagon-Alan Alan standard ASTM A837-bit flat head screw bit of the bit of dust-bit. wrench-head drill high-roof-bolt bit of standard Din 7504-bit standard din 231 bolt punching another name Ulety column page Yu bolt (screw U) that includes hardware, hardware-yo yo-standard din 3570-U bolt Acetyl-U bolt bolt bolt A316- A304- yo-yo yo cold galvanizing bolt bolt bolt rolls consist of coated white-U bolt standard bolt NMG115- roll roll roll NMG116- bolt bolt bolt NMG 121 yards, including hardware-meter-meter steel-meter rigid 10.9-meter by 8.8-meter grid -Mtry grade zinc plated screw-meter-meter white-meter cold galvanized steel, including stainless steel pipe stainless steel screws, stainless-steel hexagon A316- A304- standard stainless steel semi-transmission-gear-wrench all acetyl Alan Srkhzynh stainless-steel-Allen Allen brain-meter stainless steel fungal goal-cylindrical stainless-steel-flat head screw flat-head stainless-automatic double flat stainless-steel-roof flat head screw Hvdkar Srastvanh automatic stainless-steel-wire steel -Mtry-inch stainless-steel screws yards mm.