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    The secret of Sana wood, wood production and supply of wood raw materials, production lines with modern technology, the use of the finest raw materials, · direct and easy distribution. Sana actual manufacturer of MDF wood 3 affinity with melamine, high heat resistance, water resistance and moisture resistance against hard objects (anti-scratch), resistance to solvents (water, gasoline, alcohol, food industrial raw wood, such as edge tape, paper impregnated, coated gloss PVC, PETG, acrylic veneer, MDF, chipboard, adhesives and wood machinery industry is active. The company is equipped with three complete line of chipboard and MDF lamination is Cladding their products through over 250 delegates from across the country sells.
    Flat presses for paper production capacity of melamine lamination thickness of 3 miles per minute for two panel for a panel thickness is 16 miles.
    The production capacity of coated gloss lamination presses roll for every minute is a panel.
    All covers are imported from different grades. The Senate now has more than 20 years experience in supplying green wood raw materials, especially wood and artificial gloss lamination covers the whole range of the market. This coating not only in terms of design and color are completely set, but considering the quality and structure of ingredients are strikingly different.
    Today, Sana choob domestic market supply side, look at the markets of the region, a goal that the company is considering backing away not reach.