Russian wood

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Russian Wood Details:

The Word “Russian wood” calls to the timber market of white wood imported from Russia seen in any application that is not much different, while its Russian wood include of different species such as fir, spruce and pines are different. As mentioned, one of the wood species that is known to Russian wood or fir Abies Fir and Sapen is a common name in the world. Russian wood without heartwood distinctive red and white, no resin ducts, right-tar, light, swelling and low shrinkage, cracking or less during drying ability, very good work, sanding fine dining, excellent dining nails and screws Table But despite all the advantages against fungi are easily spotted with blue or red spot disease often reduces its strength

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Insects are also of great interest to implantation and ovulation in Russian wood, and it should be noted that wood has red streaks during drying are fully curled. Style and high elasticity coefficient of Russian wood because the wood for the skeleton of the building is best. Long-fiber pulp and white of the paper consumed by the people. Russian wood often used in furniture industry


  1. Light, functionality and low cracking during drying, very good work
  2. Due to the lightness and high elasticity coefficient is the best wood for building structures
  3. Long-fiber and pulp white of the paper consumed