PVC Wall Laminate

PVC Wall Laminate, PVC, Wall Laminate

PVC Wall Laminate Details:

PVC wall-laminate and PVC ceiling in addition to the diversity and beauty of their unique style and quality are very high and lifetime of the cladding eliminates many additional tanks, such as painting the buildings every year . PVC wall-laminate Because of his extraordinary strength to prevent loss of heat and cool the building. The insulation in the building act.

Wall Coverings polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in addition to the variety and beauty of its unique style and quality are very stylish building which would be very high lifetime PVC wall-laminate (PVC) eliminates additional expenses such as coloring each year wall-laminates is building PVC (PVC) because of its extraordinary strength to avoid wasting heat and cool the building like the insulation in the building wall-laminate polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to leave the building and are highly resistant to impact

wall-laminate use PVC: public places, commercial, residential, restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, sports halls, villas, conference halls, factories, hospitals and …

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  1. Sound insulation, thermal insulation
  2. Economy, diversity in color, light weight
  3. Washable, flexible and easy to shape, the assembly and easy installation

Technical Specifications:

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride with a thermo plastic polymer that is widely used in the construction of new technologies.
It is an alternative to traditional building materials in recent years due to the implementation of the system with strong light, avoid wasting energy and beauty of the interior decoration of the building is highly regarded.
Coverings and ceilings Kampars with over 100 designs and colors, with high flexibility and can be installed in various models, a world of beauty and diversity to offer you an atmosphere of peace and joy and life in the area, work You create and recreation.