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PVC Veneer Details:

There are PVC coated in different layers, a variety of different layers, thicknesses, colors, different designs and different reliefs (smooth, gloss, matte, wood grain, etc.) are produced depending on the application requirements and usually consists of layers PVC, primer layer and different lacquers. PVC coated thickness between 2.0 to 3 mm.
Due to the flexibility of this type of cover, it tied for the coating of surfaces with different instruments and the high level to make the edges, the coating of profiles, tape the edges of the folded form and machines used. For example, the coating of the car doors of cabinets that have deep plantations. The unique use of PVC coated in the manufacture of products that cover the need for coherence in different dimensions of a structure, ie, the need to build a V-shaped groove and bend it on the board is the best example in the production of table TV and speaker box (band) and so on.
PVC coated on flat surfaces by sanding with 100 Grit Sanding MDF and attach cleaned. Tolerances thickness up to 3/0 + mm can be accepted in this case.
PVC coated, usually at room temperature with the use of injection presses Rollers with copolymer adhesive or epoxy adhesive attach. Thermoplastic adhesives are sometimes used. The press board must be kept on flat surfaces for several hours to complete the connection between the skin and adhesive supplies.
MDF boards eaten at the surface or edge tools using membrane presses with coating PVC coating can be made easily. This product is used in the manufacture of cabinets and bedroom accessories. Very good flexible PVC coated membrane presses, especially when the heat makes it possible to see very fine and delicate motifs, deep Khvrdhhay tool shapes with small radii and hard to cover it up.

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  1. Compatible with the environment.
  2. Waterproof, resistant to acids and alcohols, and their not burning.
  3. Using this product does not need to be painted and associated costs.

Technical Specifications:

Decorative product according to its application in industry UPVC and timber industry into two general categories without glue (in the cold) and adhesive (hot method) divides.
In addition, the use of different thicknesses and widths vary according to the type of production.
Laminated PVC can be used on a variety of panels Wall Coverings roof made of UPVC, wooden plates, single-layer and multi-layer, made of MDF, timber, sheet, profiles, door and window UPVC, a variety of wood products, plastics and composites, metal plates, timber Asbestos was coated aluminum profiles.