PVC Sheet

PVC Sheet, PVC

PVC Sheet Details:

Wood and wood products like MDF is similar. This product has wide applications such as cabinet making, building and other purposes. This product because of resistance to moisture and economic life in high humidity areas or places where water is in direct contact with the particular application. Sheets PVC (Fomizeh) as well as wood and MDF can be cut, glued and nailed Also, the dining is no crack. Therefore, by carpenters or cabinet-makers can easily use. Other features of this product and this product is antibacterial. This product has properties of high impermeability to water and resistance to chemicals, such as acids and Alkaline, respectively. In damp environments is not distorted and do not dandruff. As well as high flexibility and forming. The high surface hardness coefficient in comparison with natural wood and compression resistance 1.7 times higher than wood. Depending on the type of materials used and the production process, have different colors and patterns are produced.

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In addition to the features listed above, are as noted below:

  1. Light weight with high flexural strength, and resistance to impact
  2. Postponement fire
  3. Non-toxic
  4. Stainless
  5. SOUND excellent thermal insulation
  6. Resistance to corrosion, rot
  7. Coefficient of linear expansion
  8. High dimensional stability
  9. Excellent ability to print
  10. Durable
  11. Weldability with existing methods such as hot air welding and …
  12. Bending capability
  13. Pressing capability
  14. Polished surfaces on both sides
  15. Recyclability
  16. Wasting energy
  17. Compatible with the place of residence
  18. Safe alternative to woodSafe alternative to wood

Technical Specifications:

Sheets made of PVC (fomizeh) of the resin composition of PVC, volume servers, stabilizers, lubricants, and pigments are produced. All the ingredients to mix into a blender and then transferred and then using silage plastics processing and PVC foam extrusion systems are converted.
Thickness: 3 mm to 18 mm
Width: 1220 mm
Length: 2400 mm to 3000 mm
About making changes
About changes in length: ± 5 mm
Wide range of variations: ± 5 mm
About the thickness: ± 5/0 mm
Density: 500-700 kg / m3
Impact strength: 20-30 kj / m2
Surface hardness coefficient: 48
Bending strength: 25-35 MPa
Tensile strength: 9.9-14.5 MPa
Compression strength: 70 kg / cm2