PVC Flooring

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PVC Flooring Details:

PVC flooring due to high demand, mostly with the same wood parquet is produced and marketed. In order to increase mechanical strength and durability of PVC flooring in both plain and ribbed usually protective layer placed on it. This layer has a finely ribbed type bumps on its decorative surface to prevent slipping and moving objects on the floor. The PVC flooring designs will be featured in a variety of designs, plans granite facade carpeting, tile, roll, puppets etc. can be mentioned.

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  1. Durable and heat-resistant and acid-resistant, waterproof and washable being
  2. Have antistatic properties and can be installed on all surfaces
  3. A variety of antibacterial Suitable for installation in hallways and stairwells, hospitals, pharmacies, hospital and …

Technical Specifications:

PVC flooring for installation, to basic infrastructure (filtration floor) will be required. After cushioning, PVC flooring adhesive will be placed on the ground. It should be noted that due to the elasticity of the need to use foam Silent floors under it. Install and run very high speeds floor with an area of 100 square meters on average one unit a day to a day and a half runs.
It should be noted that in order to enhance the beauty and effect PVC flooring and laminated parquet on the side walls of the strips shall be used.