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    Chahardangeh industrial zone , Tehran

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    Company Pronix first horizontal panel on CNC manufacturer in Iran. The device features a series of horizontal panels on the company can be mentioned the following:
    Used in factories, manufacturing plants and service centers
    Ability to Cut 6 sheets of 16 mm simultaneously
    A dramatic increase in speed, accuracy and quality cutting
    High efficiency with reduced staffing
    A significant increase in the workload in the next line stations, CNC Thirty-assembly
    Persian version of Office software with automatic layout
    Easy to use and does not require skilled machine operator
    View accurate and complete each piece when cutting
    Get printed parts and the cutting layout patterns for costumer by the version of Office Software
    The possibility of receiving print labels with detailed specifications and its overall each pieces
    The use of the motor system in both axes shoulder Gear Cutting pusher move to increase the speed and accuracy
    Use Servomotors in both axes cutting and pusher
    Using cutting-line engines German
    Timely service with expert technical staff
    Installation, commissioning and training Free
    12 months warranty and 10-year after-sales service
    Hardware and software Radonix