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Parquet Details:

A parquet wood flooring is commonly used in interior spaces and interior decoration, parquet French word meaning small space surrounded Parchet taken, has long been promoting the use of parquet flooring, original parquet difference today is that they do not need to use glue to click on each locked while the wooden parts that might contain small and large pieces of the puzzle and are on the main floor pasted were Although the this system is still used in some boards

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  1. Is insulated against sound and heat.
  2. Anti-scratch, fireproof
  3. Suitable for homes and offices
  4. The variety of designs and colors
  5. Suitable for floor heating
  6. Stain-resistant

Technical Specifications:

Type of connection used in the parquet causes stiff joints were completely against the ingress of moisture, durability and endurance of the flooring and guarantees.
1.High strength and corrosion resistance.
2.Pressure resistance and cracking.
3.Cigarette ash and fire resistance.
4.Cleaning and maintenance extremely easy.
5.Suitable for economic use of underfloor heating for low thermal resistance.
6.One of the unique characteristics of the flooring and portability of this product.
7.The growth of mold and fungus.
8.Anti-allergic and soil stains or odors does not hold.
9.When you walk on it, not making a sound.
1. A room with parquet and walls look bigger light show. But if only the bright colors used, the house will be cold.
2. If the walls of the room is dark but bright ceiling boards, the impact is more horizontal lines. In other words, the horizontal lines more attention.
3. If the boards on the ceiling and the walls are dark, narrow room seem taller.
4. dark wooden walls and roof on the large show room.
5. A room with parquet and dark ceiling and light walls seem wider and lower.
6. If the ceiling on the walls and dark parquet, the feeling of being in person is created in the basement. Because only the top will be light.