Paper Veneer

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Paper Veneer Details:

Paper Coated or Paper Veneer or Letron, or foil paper (Paper Foil) the commercial term Letron (Letron) call. Letron name of one of the renowned manufacturers of this type of coating which is now often referred to as the company Letron was invented in 1963 by a German company). In Iran veneered chipboard with Letron, the so-called Letron say. In most cases, laminated paper with motifs, designs and colors that are decorative as a final decorative coating (decor) are used. But subtle in color plantations covered MDF and Infrastructure color, without color and pattern of use. In this case, the coating can be smooth or embossed designs like the veins of wood, fabric, and after finishing, the staining.


  1. The cover of the least expensive coating that is used in inexpensive furniture and appliances
  2. Paper coating against abrasion, scratches and other mechanical strength, and resistance to heat and humidity is less than crowns melamine laminate.

Technical Specifications:

Paper coated with a layer of decorative paper usually basis weight 140.40 grams per square meter (before impregnation) impregnated with resins, melamine formaldehyde and dried, was formed. This coating is then impregnated basis weight of up to 300 grams per square meter reach. This coating for sheets of various sizes that are mostly rolls and simple forms, patterned, matte or gloss are produced. Paper crowns using glue and presses categorical or continuous (roll, rollers) attach on the board. Adhesives used are urea formaldehyde, polyvinyl acetate, PVA and so on.
Coated paper is used in addition to the coverage in the papers MDF, to create a simple edge tape and the adhesive and coating profiles and folded edges of the tool is used.
Used for coating MDF with wheels (with size 100 Grit) are grinding. Surface must be clean and without dust and roughness. The size, MDF for the coating work is important, because if not the same grading in plantations with high-speed coating makes the difference is the quality of adhesion of coating to boards.
Customer foils adhesion coating of paper varies depending on equipment. Wood coatings can be used to glue coatings class of flatbed presses used for thicker paper. Light paper coatings and average of fifty years ago were common. At first, hot presses flat class, ordinary UF binder or polymer paste were used. But now cover most of MDF, for bonding the coating on the target board, the hot roller coating presses continuous and UF glue with special formulations, used. Yet copolymer adhesives are used for this purpose.