Pako Company

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    Mehdi Ghasemi

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    Unit 8 , No.1 , North Makran , Vafamanesh Street , Heravi Square , Tehran

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    Khavaran, Lape zanak , No.110
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    Pako company is one of the manufacturers of MDF sheets are coated with HPL and outstanding gloss. Pako company managed with much effort and strength as one of the exporters mentioned in its report. Water-resistant and scratch-resistant coatings company as well as all products with waterproof adhesive products company producing raw Myshvd.vrqhay Pako quality and high density competitive with similar foreign companies are Pako (PJS) is a manufacturer and exporter sheets MDF with veneer HPL, EPL and High gloss are outstanding. The company’s products with advanced devices in Europe (Barberan) with thermal PUR adhesive waterproof (Jowat) and scratch-resistant coatings are made in South Korea. The company has high-quality raw sheets and product density Spain, Turkey, Austria and Thailand. These companies with the ability to produce 1100 sheets with dimensions of 280 x 122 and 900 sheets HPL HIGH GLOSS with dimensions of 244 x 122 meet today’s market is.

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