Oven and Stove

Oven and Stove

Oven and gas grill or stove so close for heating, cooking or drying. Its main application is in the kitchen and pottery. Gas ovens and electric ovens are two types of modern ovens. Town for heating or industrial applications, they are used in industrial furnaces or Town called. Town usual, one of the cookware is usually for cooking, hot, grilling, frying or heating the feed used. The Town usually for just the meat, baked breads, cakes or desserts in general.

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Gas stove for cooking is a means of flammable gas such as natural gas, propane or butane as fuel is used. Although the use of gas stoves have a long history, but today stove is one of the most necessary supplies of Iranian homes and live without it, especially in large cities is difficult. Gas stove in the kitchen work triangle is also one of the main outline form.

Technical Specifications :

Gas stove components
Normally, a microwave oven today, is composed of these components. Body, isolated, manifold, valves, nozzles, containers or pipes interface, burners, pilot (Pilot), thermocouple, lighters, thermostats, temperature setting, an alarm clock and grill
Types of Gas
Gas stove stove into three categories: desktop, embedded or plate stove and stove furnished. In the division of cookers, gas oven apart and each must be purchased separately, so more variety in selection another positive point is we have a stove and oven and the stove built-in stove furnished takes up less space than desktop cheapest gas .ajaq type of stove. And more convenient kitchen with cooking or companies is low.
Is connected by hose to the gas stove. The first gas manifold is that the Lions have been installed on it. In the case of open valve, the gas passes through the milk to come down and injected into the tubes interface. Since the nozzle slightly away from the interface pipes, air is drawn along with the gas into the pipe interface. Air and gas mixture in the vicinity of the burner and pilot flame, will ignite.
Gas ovens, cook’s troubles caused by the fire and smoke at least have older methods. However, some researchers believe that cooking with stoves, heaters and toxins produces more carcinogens and increases the risk of some types of cancer.