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OSB Wood Details:

Waterproof timber or OSB stands for “Oriented Stand Board” or in some other countries OSB name that stands for the word “Oriented Split Straw Board” are called and in total can be made of pressed board in line that means, of course, we are continuing them as their common name means “He USB” or waterproof timber called. As the meaning of the laminar chips (more than 20 mm and less than 100 mm and with a diameter of less than one millimeter) that are irregular in one direction (usually long) on the adhesive (generally resistant to moisture) have been pressed or OSB waterproof rach say

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  1. Lightweight and resistant
  2. Without holes and gaps
  3. The lack of ductility
  4. Suitable for all weather conditions
  5. Waterproof and moisture
  6. Resistant insects (termites, etc.)
  7. Recoverability
  8. Colorable and easy installation
  9. Alternative types of wood, MDF, Ach.dy.af and …
  10. Environment Friendly

Technical Specifications:

These sheets are generally in the dimensions of 2440 * 1220 mm and with diameters of 6 to 25 mm are made. OSB 3 layers are made for one, two at the front and back sheets and other brain among them. In making his sheet USB stick should only be used midbrain and the use of bark in their manufacture is prohibited. The use of defective wood, such as cavities or Bakhtgy for the front and back sheets is prohibited.
In making “He USB” or waterproof timber wood furnaces generally used due to cost.
Features a waterproof timber or OSB:
1. Suitable for any environment ranging from wet and dry
2. The sturdy, durable, lightweight and stable stacking against drilling and sanding.
3. Most importantly, inexpensive and lightweight construction
Now waterproof timber or “He USB” generally in developed countries or developing such as: Germany, France, Canada, America, Romania, Poland, Turkey and other countries such as China or India are made Up to now have not been able to produce a waterproof timber, although it seems that European production line in China is being launched this product.
In the manufacture of waterproof wood “He USB” generally of wood conifers (pine tree types) to the brightly colored, low cost of this type of wood-producing countries, adhesive in the production of good and less Anvjaj (for properties Physical This type of wood) are used. And the adhesive resin composition of chemical bonds with water or paraffin used Grdd.chvb
“He USB” has become a global standard that we just consider both common and costly this product:
1. “He USB standard -2” “OSB-2) OSB Standard)”
This type OSB European standards (EN300) and can be used in indoor applications and sites (without moisture) and the indoor use of this type of waterproof wood can also be used in the construction of walls and or roof prefabricated buildings (for subtask and injected with foam) can be used.
Another purpose of this paper in wooden boxes for transport (disposable) or panels during transport is Fshargyr. Sometimes, for decoration or making wooden items such as framed photos, etc. Some of these securities is observed.
2. “He USB -3 privileged” “OSB-3) OSB Premium)”
This type OSB OSB-2 as a European standard (EN300) and they can be used indoors, but with moisture or humid areas. (He USB are not waterproof.) The purpose of this type can be used in indoor places, or in indoor environments used a little humid. It can also be used in wall, floor or ceiling insulation used. OSB-3 in combination resin layer on the surface and in cases where the need to change the color of wood, such as nuts have to be faced with a problem. (Although in some cases the pre-colored resins have the same state and the tasks facing the consumer without color.)
Uses OSB
OSB boards wide applications in industries that include the following:
In the construction industry, ceilings, roofs, floors and walls
Wall: great strength and can be installed on all levels with the ability to run a variety of views on its walls
The final roof covering (roof): sound insulation and enough strength for the concrete, snow load and wind load
Roof Coatings: tough, hard and impact-resistant and suitable for roof structures LSF
Infrastructure: OSB a firm and uniform platform for installation of ceramic, parquet and flooring provides.
Furniture: OSB is widely used in the furniture industry.
Packaging Machines
Other uses sheets of OSB:
Construction Barber Furniture, cerebral door
Booths and booth layout
Making posters
Packaging, pallets and shipping containers with specific conditions to organize the construction of warehouses
Building panels for floors and walls and columns building
Building elements such as walls and interior roof panel
Use as wall, building or reconstruction of houses made of wood
Cover the roof
Automotive Industry
Setting up exhibition stands