Office furniture

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Office furniture details:

Office furniture is one of the tools at various locations including cinema, workplace, office, desk computer at home and use one of the people is essential. Why should it be hints of design protection, safety and compliance standards because it has a direct impact on human health.
If these safety precautions are not observed, can cause problems such as back pain, leg pain and muscle disorders and physical health is impaired.
A suitable office furniture should be designed so that four spine neck, back, waist and tail to cover.


Technical specifications:

Per person on average, while sitting in a chair half an hour three times your body move that a significant percentage of these actions, including the leaning and turning.
To solve this problem is that the user of the seat are therefore losing the seat cushion support.
The more sofas and armchairs on the market, all four regions of the spine alike do not cover.
Changes in body position, usually sitting hips and thighs, knees and ankles are made.
A suitable office furniture should be possible to make the proper motion of the joints.
Office furniture features a fine-tuning of the seat and how the seat bolts.
The middle seat shall the blood circulation in the legs, especially the knees distort the causes pooling of blood in the knee.
Outlets must also have eight of the shoulder distance.
The rear seat must be elastic and springy.
A good office chair should support and back safe and comfortable for the body that is suitable to do the job.
Blood flow to the lower body, should be discontinued.
Maintaining or changing the status of the body from the waist should be easy.
Significant support for the spine is curved.
Surface friction and frustration is necessary to prevent slippage.
Armrest can protect the neck and shoulder muscles and as support for getting up, is used.
Overall office furniture
Best to sit down, when the weight force to be played at the highest level.
Select the chair that the seat is largely coordinated with one seat form.
Seat height
Overall all man’s weight when sitting on the seat does not tolerate. Part of the back and legs also help in this work.
Seat height so that with the help of hydraulic jack is a very important seat height is adjustable.
In fact, the seat should not be too long nor too short and tailored to the person’s height is adjustable.
If too long, the inner part of the knee pressure and while no weight on your feet, the other parts of your body are under a lot of pressure.
In contrast, for very short time, put the weight on the seat bones.