Oak Wood

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Oak Wood Details:

This tree has range of colors light brown to dark. The wood of this tree is a fairly hard kinda and medium heavy and resist to abrasion. Because of This wood being against moisture in the rain so it will be taking useful points including: on the docks and harbors, shipbuilding in the wagon and telecommunication network.

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Red and white oak wood are very beautiful and the prices are not high. totally, the of this wood in all rooms of the House can be utilized and make more pretty the place. unlike other wood added, oak wood has many color variations. From honey-colored to glossy red, combinations color, light brown with red tonnage . oak tree grows in soil-filled wet clay, but it can endure sandy soil. This is a tree in the forest areas and can be found in the bathetic.

The conflict between red and white oak

There is two types red and white oak, and contrary to their name, cannot be easily distinguish the difference between their color. The only way to distinguish these two types of wood is pores on them. Red Oak large pores is more coarse.
Both types of oak wood have patterns and clear lines so that even in polished models also in this way can be seen very well, and even with a touch of the troughs, you can also feel.

Red Oak

In 70’s and 80’s decade in the United States, very large kitchen or bathroom cabinets were used. At that time, wood were cut vertically. This created a different view and use of Red Oak. In that period, used of dark wood type. In that era, making wooden cabinets are made of red oak was a very fashionable because it is very cheap and were available everywhere.

White oak

White Oak has less patterns and Red types of vents. Of course, this is also an expression of the wood scheme is a tree’s age. The reason of this wood use for barrels and in the shipbuilding industry. Both white and red oak wood use for furniture-making industry, cabinet making, flooring and have the application architecture.
For the manufacture of wooden furniture from the White Oak use the 4board method. Of course, white oak wood is not always cheap. A variety of French it is very expensive and closed pores and very low and there arelimited slots. The wood of the old trees are produced because of Europeanrestrictions, have high prices.