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    17th Kilometer of Asiaei Highway , Mashhad

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    East New Water Company in 1374 with the aim of producing products such as plywood and multi-plywood was established.
    fall chipboard production line to build their knowledge and wisdom.
    In 1377 a new line for production of chipboard began with small size and capacity to end the use of this product line continued until early 1384.
    Mdsran in 1384 the company decided to build a more modern and more advanced production line were the two major reasons for the decision:
    (1) enhancing the quality and quantity of chipboard production
    2. Collection and use of wood garden before the construction of the production line to manufacture chipboard factories in the north of the country to be sent.
    The new production line using advanced technology and modern equipment from Germany in early 1389 to enter the exploitation phase, and particle sizes of 366 * 183 cm Now the company is in production.
    In 1390 line of laminate pressed with the latest technology purchased and in 1391 was put into operation in the near future laminated press production line 2 will launch into production.
    In 1392, modern high-gloss machine with the latest technology purchased and will be released soon.

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