Novin Choob

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    Ali Hamdani

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    Talash 7 , Sanat7 Street , No.2 Industrial zone , Ahwaz

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    Novin Choob industrial companies with the highest production volume of cellulosic wood Khuzestan, south of our country with valuable experience over the years of work and relying on the commitment, expertise in work has sought to take advantage of the latest achievements in technology, products provided their validity, relevance, MDF company is ready to provide various products based on comparable and competitive with reputable foreign companies have had. Modern industrial groups in Khuzestan wood to increase customer satisfaction and will receive a certificate step in the field of the international standard ISO10004: 2014, ISO9001-2008 and ISO14001: 2004 and CE Europe. Now proud to expand their activities, Khuzestan wood products increased, new big family and we as presented below. Melamine MDF with new wood (snow, shiny, highlights) Pages desire Melamine MDF wood edge new round of new wood (snowy, glossy, embossed MDF (MDF gloss wood, PVC super modern new gloss wood