Natural Wooden Veneer

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Natural Wooden Veneer Details:

Natural wood veneer sheets and films are made from natural wood. A variety of designs and colors, beautiful wood with natural veneer wood used for the production. The role of the wood has always been about human interest, so that the production of natural veneer wood dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Due to the limited amount of wood with beautiful designs and perfect and it is usually these expensive wood veneering and wood plates and pressed sheets of wood and even attach poor. Interestingly, even today, to provide artificial crowns, which will be described later or designs rather than pictures on paper or other print quality wood coatings used.

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  1. For the coating of sheets of compressed wood, such as chipboard, plywood, fiberboard and MDF used
  2. Laminated veneer lumber than other coatings on public spending for higher consumption

Technical Specifications:

The natural wood veneers is used to cover the securities of compressed wood, such as chipboard, plywood, fiberboard and MDF. Using MDF with wood veneer is very common in the world, but is not common in Iran can be said about the Iran MDF with wood veneer has not been used. And MDF. Laminated veneer lumber in various applications in detail in the application, is used as the primary use of natural veneer wood in the furniture industry especially classical furniture and interior design of buildings and houses and wall-mount, indoor partitions. MDF with wood veneer and edges rounded or corroded tools usually used in cases of natural wood instead of natural wood such as furniture, doors, cabinets, doors, cabinets, tools, eaten plain or used MDF. Using MDF instead of solid wood, due to the dimensional stability of the wood and the durability of the different climatic conditions, the better. Natural wood coated with membrane presses (cushion) with glue and at 58 c and maximum time of 2 minutes can be eaten on the surfaces of tools MDF attached.

Usually large furniture factories in developed countries with natural veneer wood are lines that supply their own wood veneer on MDF or attach other boards are used in furniture making.

Worldwide locations with cheap and readily available wood resources and high quality hardwood timber than other natural Ast.rvksh encased in public spending and consumption is more preferred furniture such as North and South America and the tropics that large quantities of wood, good be of good quality and cheap Rvkshgyry and natural veneer wood Mybashd.ama available in Europe and Asia (except for countries with tropical forests in the tropics) natural veneer wood is expensive and usually it is not possible national production, the use of artificial crowns.wood chipboard with wood veneer is over. As in Iran, just to cover the use of wood veneer chipboard furniture and equipment is relatively inexpensive and low-level routine, usually from natural veneer wood is not used in the MDF industry.

Working cover, MDF or any other board with wooden crowns of the easiest types of cover is what a high level of tolerance and disadvantages of limited thickness tolerances of thickness 2.0 to 3.0 wooden boards bearing Myknd.anva crowns and even a little more in board will tolerate. MDF surfaces in the amount of 2 g / m 120-80 labeling are (usually UF) and with wood veneer pressed 2 kn / m 60-350 and temperature c 100-70 (presses, multi-storey) and c 30-100 (presses A class) for 4-2 minutes (presses, multi-storey) and 60-30 seconds (presses a floor) are pressed.

From MDF with wood coatings, only in cases where there is no risk of moisture and heat, can be used. The benefits of the natural beauty that seems to attract many consumers, and the major disadvantages of the lack of resistance to moisture, heat and chemicals and so on.

MDF with wood veneer in the production of furniture and other equipment in a safe, dry place (heat), and in the kitchen, in the vertical (usually the door) is used.

MDF is usually 3 to 8% of moisture, wood veneer coated paper used must have a moisture content of about 12 to 8 percent. In general, wood veneer very sensitive to moisture, heat, shock, friction and so on. After pressing, the sheet coated MDF will remain at least for 8 hours to cool.