Membrane Door

Membrane Door

Specifications membrane doors:

Is the latest design technology and manufacturing kitchen cabinets cabinet door membrane. jewelry and then plated with vacuum presses finds great value. After membrane presses can be made of MDF cabinet construction, manufacturing doors, tables, etc. can be used.

استانفروشگاهتلفنوب سایت
تهرانآدین گستر دکور66752650-66718543
تهرانشرکت تیرانا (دفتر مرکزی)
آذربایجان شرقیشرکت تیرانا (دفتر تبریز)

Advantages :

  1. Waterproof
  2. Anti-heat
  3. Long life
  4. Beauty

Technical Specifications:

In general, vacuum press with a combination of heat, vacuum and pressure was as follows:
At first the special glue on the smooth surface and the coating layer put on it. After that, the pieces and put into a membrane press machine with heating device and push the stick coatings. on the plan attached covers. include membrane presses, coating machine, PVC (PVC), a woman laminated MDF device and the device to recap parts used MDF coated with PVC.