Melamine Veneer

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Melamine Veneer Details:

Melamine veneer or LPM 13 most popular compressed melamine or wood veneer sheets and MDF in the world and especially in Iran, especially among all wood and synthetic coatings. LCD table with melamine have been made. Decorations of paper impregnated with melamine resin melamine formaldehyde (MF) and dried form directly without the need to re-glue on the board (MDF) is attached. A wide range of decorative coatings in the method of production.


  1. Heat resistance and wear
  2. Good resistance to moisture melamine
  3. The color coordinated edges attached to the surface
  4. The most common type of coating is
  5. Heat resistance and wear

Technical Specifications:

Melamine in Iran (share of the total) are the most widely used about 23%.
Due to the specialized nature of the process is difficult and claddings melamine due to high investment and high value-added, more importantly, is usually MDF plants ((MDF world with lines and all kinds of melamine MDF (MDF) also melamine offerings. the diversity of MDF (MDF) production rises. at the global level veneer of melamine greatest and widest scope among other coatings are used in general purpose applications covers almost all surfaces are used.