Melamin Sazeh Shargh

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    Mohammad Zamiri

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    18th Shaghayegh , End of Toos33 , Fahmideh Square , Mashhad

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    Melamine is an industrial manufacturing company structures East) Immediate (with more than 45 years experience in the wood industry with experienced and specialized in the areas of management, production, marketing and use of technology as well as Germany, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia and China in space over 3,500 square meters in the holy city of Mashhad in this area is active.
    Pressing the industrial activities in the field of wood began in 1349. Launched the first line of plywood and multi-plywood in 1370 launched a line of natural veneer wood in 1373 launched the production line of MDF 3 liking using technology Turkey (Rolling Press Machine) in 1383 launched the production line procedures melamine doors in 1389, and in providing this technology to local manufacturers in 1391 and has already launched the first and only manufacturer of melamine MDF outstanding projects in Iran( SYNCHRONIZED TEXTURE )