MDF Door

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MDF Doors details:

MDF doors, which stands for (MEDIUM DENSITY FIBER) are used more instead of interior doors used in entrance doors due to the higher cost compared to other manufacturers HDF doors to doors and internal doors MDF doors are less than the more efficient use of hdf doors see.
But because they are more robust MDF doors at the entrance doors of the buildings used, while the use of HDF doors at the entrance of buildings and basic work does not seem wise.


  1. Use a 3 mm thick HDF doors to the bedroom door and the door of the toilet and the bathroom is recommended
  2. HDF sheets with a thickness of 6 mm and more depending on the thickness and density of HDF fiber can be also be used for entrance doors of apartments

Technical Specifications:

1-Crude MDF door:
With a thickness of 3 mm is used for the production of closet doors must be painted . These sheets are painting with oil-based paints.

2-MDF doors with laminated MDF and melamine paper:
Use of paper and melamine MDF 3 desire to build traditional wall cupboard doors from MDF course with higher thickness used for the production of office furniture doors that mode of production, these different doors with conventional door is.

3. MDF doors coated with PVC
Usually in this case, such as sheets of MDF with melamine or paper sheet by sheet forbidden to market due to the application of vacuum is PVC coated on raw MDF