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lowerderape Details:

Lowerderape includes blades, sturdy and broad cloth vertically in an aluminum rails are placed side by side. Because of the low price and quick installation and long life, used a lot in offices, restaurants and many shopping centers are usually Lowerderape curtain blades – made Draph – in different schemes cashmere, twill, damask, cubism, wood and video with more than 100 designs and colors are different, so you can easily fit between the curtains and furniture created.


Lowerderape type of video screens You can print your logo and images straight (for installation on windows) and duplex (in places where there’s Reflectivity behind) without any limitation of size. These curtains have designs for children’s rooms, nature, food and drink, sport designs and more.

Lowerderape screen features:

1 – the curtains because of the use of washable material with 100% quality and high resistance to sunlight, moisture and tear are.

2 – very high variety of colors and designs.

3 – installation in the shortest time and cost of implementation is low.

4 – Ability to print images of the bride and groom, children, landscapes and historical, all kinds of logo design companies and many others are on the screen.

5 – very reasonable price – this type of screens in a variety of decorative elements, is plain from the cheapest to the extent that it can be distributed to separate departments or partition space (albeit in limited numbers) his disposal


  1. Quick installation and long life
  2. No limit on the width and height