Letron Cabinet

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Letron Cabinet Details:

Cabinets and doors Letron the entire body is made of Letron . Letron case with Turkish and Iranian plates are made in the country.
Letron combination of laminated wood boards which of the boards of softwood, or treated waste and sawmill chips are obtained. Of course, this in comparison with the primary particles used in the MDF are larger and have seen that the MDF would not be possible. Letron sheet surface according to the highs and lows, you must pre-encrusted, by precision machinery, polishing and final coating is worn away. Then according to the type of need, the sheets are glued and pressed.

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  1. Resistance against water
  2. More strength, resistance to impact, crush gay and sun

Letron history:

Letron the German company in 1963 in an industrial plant, paper and varnish invented the time machine Letron design and are produced by full automatic machines. This production covers 150 million square meters per year and the maximum amount of wood in the coatings industry in the world’s 5 continents.
In Iran veneered chipboard that by Letron are Letron said. Among the advantages Letron than normal coatings, resistant against water and more strength against impact, abrasion and sunlight.
In fact, the difference between the chipboard and medium-density fibreboard cabinet within them, because both are coated with Letron. According to the manufacturer the cabinets, medium-density fibreboard premium of chipboard and melamine veneer reason that it is also more resistant and waterproof.
This type of case that has already been used, in different colors and cost more than other types of cabinets are built.
Letron also Chipboards sheet like paper and pulled the sheets Letron cabinets and cabinet using the scheme.
PVC is a plastic cover that is pulled on board. One of the experts suggested that the way to get through it was for less money. For example, the standard height of 70 cm to a wall cabinet, the cabinet Letron land used for cabinet standard height of 90 cm, of medium-density fibreboard or metal that are moisture resistant material, used .