Laminate veneer

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Laminate veneer Details:

Laminated veneer, laminate is made of HDF (which stands for hard, dense, Fiber board) is made of wood rather than directly from the wood is made and in some cases, such as flooring, Tooling used doors and … laminated veneer is usually rectangular and have dimensions of width between 14 to 25 cm and a length of between 120 and 140 cm. Because this product with known name is that of a five-layer laminated compact multi-layer laminate made and everything they say


  1. Laminated veneer ultraviolet sun can harm or destroy the color
  2. Laminated veneer against a lot of resistance factors and environmental factors and the long-term use and then have them try. Color, role and their beauty is retained for years
  3. Laminated veneer looks like real wood

Technical Specifications:

Laminated veneer are usually rectangular dimensions of width between 14 to 25 cm and a length of between 120 and 140 cm, thickness of laminated veneer usually 7, 8, 10 and 12 mm, laminate floor will not attach, but at first 2 mm thick foam layer on a flat floor, and install laminated on foam, laminated and round and on all four sides with slots (clicking) that can be locked groove during installation or The so-called clicks and the click fixing agent is laminated on the floor, and this is why laminated click type choice is very important. Laminate floor will not damage your base and so many times it can be collected and re-installed in another location. There simply cannot scratch laminate, laminate no heat does not burn tobacco