Kia wood

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    Kianoosh Zarin panah

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    Kianoosh Zarin panah
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    76214054 – 76214056

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    76214054 – 76214056
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    No.103 , Mainly Blvd , Khoramdasht Industrial zone , Abe-ali
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    Kia wood manufacturer of PVC sheets gloss one-sided and two-sided, profiles, strips, laminated MDF, PVC and wood Kia production Bashd.shrkt gloss can rely on professionals, with many years of experience and using the most modern on devices in the field of glass production MDF is working. It uses the best raw materials, able to produce MDF sheets of glass are in various designs and colors. Using high quality raw materials and highly detailed system of quality control, the production of MDF sheets of glass is the most appropriate quality.

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