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    Abdollah Salehnia

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    No.38 , Qeytarieh Blvd ,Tehran

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    Isofam company based on the experience, expertise, research and development, investment to make, with specialized teams and professional staff able to see distant horizons and capabilities for the production of wood products, import raw materials for the building and construction successful step. Company products Isofam include: MDF colored melamine Melamine Face MDF, chipboard colored melamine Melamine Face Chipboard, paper impregnated with melamine resin Melamine resin covered paper, coated paper, Finish Foil MDF MDF with finish foil paper, paper laminated chipboard with Finish foil chipboard with Finish foil paper is also trade and import company Isofam: MDF raw MDF, chipboard raw raw chipboard, paper Vinyl Dear paper, paper Finish foil Finish foil paper, MDF and chipboard melamine color Melamin Faced MDF & chipboard , floor (laminated parquet) flooring, wooden products for building wood based products for bulding is required.

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